1600 (about)

NLW MS 12450E, dated to about 1600, is a list of payments by Ieuan ap Rees ap David of Wigfair, Denbighshire, to his maid ‘Elin vawr’. Many of the payments were made not in cash but in goods such as clothing or material for making clothes. The prices paid by Ieuan for the clothing and materials over an unspecified period of time are noted on the list. The most comprehensive list is in Welsh, but some of the items on this list are also on a shorter list in English.

This provides terminology in both Welsh and English.

By far the most expensive items were hats:

hett ffelt ynghaer iddi hi  (Item for a ffealt hat for her) viijs (8 shillings)

Am hett felt a Brynnesid i mi fy hvn (Item for a fealt hatte for her) iijs vjd (3 shillings and 6d pence)

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