1844 Royal event

A cartoon published in 1844 on the birth on Queen Victoria’s 4th child was entitled ‘Royal Nursery Rhyme  for 1860. There was a Royal Lady that lived in a Shoe’. It showed a young woman in a Welsh hat with many children by a large shoe.
Punch, VII, (1844), p. 79; also published in Briggs, Susan and Asa (editors), Cap and Bell, Punch’s chronicle of English history in the making, 1841-1861, (1972)

Prince Arthur, Queen Victoria’s 7th child, who born in 1850 had a Welsh nanny called Jane Jones (sometimes referred to Jenny Jones).

Nurse to Prince Arthur to be Jane Jones ‘a real Jenny Jones’
The Preston Guardian, Saturday, May 11, 1850. Source: Caernarvon Herald

Jenny Jones the Welsh nurse Jenny Jones, selected to nurse Prince Arthur, has just returned to her husband at Abergele. Her father is Robert Lloyd of Llannefydd.
North Wales Chronicle (Bangor, Wales), April 19, 1851

When Queen Victoria visited north Wales, she gave her former nurse Jenny Jones of Abergele a photograph of the Royal family. When she retired, she was given £400 with which she bought a house which she called Prince Arthur’s cottage
Freeman’s Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), November 11, 1852

The name Jenny Jones (of Llangollen) was made famous by the song written by Charlie Mathews.