1847 Royal visit

Queen Victoria on journey by boat to Scotland, anchored at Milford Haven and Caernarfon for a short time. Albert landed and visited Pembroke and Penrhyn Castles, but Victoria and the Prince of Wales didn’t.

On board the Victoria and Albert, Milford Haven, Saturday August 14th

We started at five o’clock, and the yacht then began to roll and pitch dread- fully, and I felt again very unwell; but I came on deck at three in the afternoon, the sea was then like glass and we were close to the Welsh coast. The harbour, Milford Haven, is magnificent; the largest we have; a fleet might lie here. We are anchored first off Milford; Pembroke in front in the distance. The cliffs, which are reddish-brown, are not very high. Albert and Charles went in the Fairy to Pembroke, and I sketched. Numbers of boats came out with Welsh women in their curious high-crowned men’s hats; and Bertie (the pet designation of the little Prince of Wales from the name Albert) was much cheered, for the people seemed greatly pleased to see the Prince of Wales. A very pretty dairy- maid, in complete Welsh costume, was brought on board for me to see,’

Sunday August 15th {sailed north to the Menai Straits and left the Victoria and Albert and went on board the Fairy.} We stopped for a few moments off Caernarfon but did not land. We passed close to Plas Newydd, where we had spent six weeks nearly 15 years ago. {They saw the works for the new bridge sailed under the Menai Bridge. Albert and Charles landed and went to see Penrhyn.}

Queen Victoria, Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands, from 1848 to 1861, 1868, p. 71; Milford Haven section published in Potter’s Electric News, 29 January 1868

A hatter from Carmarthen has presented the Princess Royal with a silk riding hat weighing only 4 ounces.
North Wales Chronicle, January 19, 1847