1859 Royal visit

1859 (15-17 Oct) Queen Victoria visited Caernarfon

Picture ‘The Queen’s visit to North Wales. Her Majesty’s departure from Penrhyn Park on Monday Last.
[Crowd vaguely sketched in. No Welsh hats shown.]
Illustrated London News 22.10.185, p. 383

Two views of Penrhyn Castle
Illustrated London News 1859, pp. 394 and 395

Full page illustration of large archway of plants ‘The Queen’s visit to North Wales, Her Majesty Entering Bangor’. One woman in a cloak and Welsh hat.
Illustrated London News 29.10.1859 (p. 411)

Full page illustration of ‘The Queen’s visit to North Wales, Departure from Bangor’
Crowd very sketchy; one woman in Welsh hat
Illustrated London News 29.10.1859 (p. 414)

brief article about arrival and departure from Bangor.
[On her departure] there was visible amongst the onlookers a much larger number than on Saturday of Welsh women wearing the characteristic high-polled sugar loaf black hats, with the whisker-like appendages of lace.
Illustrated London News 29.10.1859 (p. 424)

The spectators were ‘well dressed’
North Wales Chronicle, 15.10.1859