1851 the Great Exhibition

The Great Exhibition was organised by Prince Albert, and held in the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London, in 1851

Thomas Jenkins from Llandeilo arranged to send models of a boy and girl in Welsh costume made by William Lewis, a weaver from Llandyfan, near Llandeilo to the Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations (The Great Exhibition) and that these were exhibited at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park but no descriptions or illustrations of them are know.

(Jenkins, D.C., (ed) (1976), Diary of Thomas Jenkins of Llandeilo, 1826-1870, p. 81)

The catalogue records that W. Lewis of Llandeilofawn [sic], Wales, and others exhibited ‘Welch woollen cloth’.

(Official Catalogue of the Great Exhibition …, 1851, Corrected Edition, no 238)