1863 Royal event and visit

Marriage of the Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra, 10.3.1863
Sunday School teas were provided. No mention of costume but children were to wear white silk ribband with the coat of arms of the Borough of Swansea.
Cambrian (Newspaper), 20.2.1863; Cambrian (Newspaper), 6th, 13th and 20th March, 1863
Mrs Levy, Gower Street, Swansea sent Princess Alexandra a doll in Welsh costume. The gift was not accepted as was usual, but a letter of thanks was sent on behalf of the Princess
Cambrian (Newspaper), 8.5.1863

The prince, following the example of the Queen, ordered a splendid dress of linsey Woolsey for his sister, the Princess Beatrice, a Welsh hat, shoes etc, with strict injunctions that the whole must be of Welsh material and make. The order has been completed and forwarded to the young princess after having been on view a day or two at Dolgellau.
Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser — 28 August 1863 (and many other newspapers)

Present to Princess Beatrice
Mr Griffith of Dolgellau made the costume; Messrs Carver, Jefferies [sic, for Jefferis] and Co of Wine Street [Bristol] made the hat.
The Bristol Mercury, October 3, 1863