1882 Royal visit

Visit of the Duke of Edinburgh to west Wales, 1882

19th March, 1882. Arrived by boat at Pembroke Dock, then to Pembroke Castle, viewed Carew castle then back to Pembroke Dock to launch the war ship ‘Edinburgh’.
20th March. To Haverfordwest by train, by horse-drawn carriage to St David’s, then back to Haverfordwest station.
The Times, 20-21.3.1882

photograph: Women around the cross at St David’s, Pembrokeshire, said to be a group who welcomed the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh to St David’s in 1882. All the women are named. It is quite possible that many of the women, or at least the hats, are the same as those as in the Fishguard centenary photograph.

Several versions of this photograph were published:

  • M.J. and A.C. Owen published one version
  • Thomas Bros of Everton, Liverpool published a postcard entitled ‘A Welsh Group under the old Cross of St David’s’
  • David Bowen of Caer Alun studio, Haverfordwest published a cabinet carte de visite
  • A postcard was published in the B&S series.
  • A mounted print is in Haverfordwest Library collection

A large number of women wearing Welsh hats and costumes were seated on the steps of the cross. Some were knitting and in a prominent position was placed one driving one of the old spinning wheels peculiar to the Principality. A gentleman named Eastwood, who was staying in the area, present each of the old ladies dressed in Welsh costume with a packet of tea. (Dewsland and Kemes Guardian, 25.3.1882)

A young lady dressed in a gorgeous Welsh costume was present.
Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales), March 20, 1882