1900 Relief of Mafeking


Celebration of the Relief of Mafeking 9th May 1900, Aberaeron. (Ceredigion Museum, 1984.238.1)

Group photograph of twenty-two women, mostly young, in Welsh costume, taking tea at a small round table. All are wearing Welsh hats, some with coloured ribbons around the crown and most have large hat-tie ribbons. Some may be wearing short-sleeved bedgowns and all have shawls of various materials and some have check aprons.

This shows that many Welsh hats were still treasured possessions of women in West Wales. Photographs of other events (the visit of the Duke of Edinburgh to St David’s in 1882, the centenary celebrations of the Fishguard invasion in 1897 and the arrival of the Mauretania at Fishguard in 1909) all show many women in Welsh hats.