1899 Royal visit


The Duke and Duchess of York stayed at Gwydyr Castle (Llanwrst). There was an absence of Welsh symbols and mottoes (and those which had been prepared were incorrectly spelt). Of the few symbols the ‘best of all was an old country woman dressed in National Welsh costume busily twirling her spinning wheel.’

This afternoon the Royal party will visit Caernarfon where the Mayor’s little daughters, Miss Olga and Enid Parry will present her Royal Highness with a doll dressed in Welsh National Costume for the Princess Victoria Alexandra’s second birthday.
Liverpool Mercury, April 25, 1899

Her Royal Highness was pleased with the appearance of the handsome Welsh woman, attired in native Welsh costume consisting of a rich lining skirt, with embroidered emblems in alternate stripes, the orthodox bedgown, apron, white sleeves, neckerchief, and sugarloaf silk Welsh hat.
Liverpool Mercury, April 29, 1899