1911 Royal visit

The recently crowned George V, Queen and Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) to Caernarfon for the Investiture of the Prince of Wales followed by tour to Bangor to open the new college. Lloyd George was constable of Caernarfon Castle. After the ceremony, they went to Aberystwyth.

12th July. The Royal Yacht arrived at Holyhead. The Holyhead Ladies Choir under Mr Stoddart Owen entertained the family on the yacht.
13th July Investiture
The National Welsh Choir / Investiture Choir of 430 voices sung everything but the National Anthem and one Hymn in Welsh.
‘The march to the castle of the Welsh choir, the women most picturesque in their red cloaks and steeple-crowned hats.’
14th To Machynlleth
15th Aberystwyth to and visit the college and lay the foundation stone of the National Library of Wales
16th (Sunday) to church in Machynlleth
The Times, 14.7.1911