After the First World War, a number of women’s choirs were formed in Wales and some of these could afford to dress in Welsh costume. Many of the hats were specially made, some of card and black cotton, some of felt. So far, the only evidence for this is photographs and a few of the special costumes in museum collections. It is possible that the minutes of the various choirs, if they exist, may indicate the explicit reasons for their choice of the costume. Welsh costumes continued to be worn at some events on the Eisteddfodd fields. A national committee organised a competition for a Welsh national costume for boys, but nothing came of it. At the same time, the use of the Welsh costume as an icon of Wales became used more frequently in tourist literature.

There is a photograph of some of the women supporters of Lloyd George and Ernest Evans during the General election in Cardiganshire, 1922 wearing Welsh costume.

Photograph by T.T. Mathias (1866-1958), Ceredigion Archives