1927 report on Welsh Textile Industry

A report on a survey of the Welsh Textile Industry made on behalf of the University of Wales by William P Crankshaw (1925-1926) was published in 1926 (without photographs) and 1927 (with photographs).

It was based on visits to 140 of the 192 mills in Wales over 36 days between 10th April and 30th July, 1925, and further visits in 1926 to take photographs, which increased the number of mills seen by 10.

A survey of Wales was made by investigators of the Oxford Institute for Research in Agricultural Economics and we understand that a summary of their report will shortly be published. … It is proposed to have a survey of the small textile industries in Wales in the near future …
Letter from Secretary of The Rural Industries Intelligence Bureau, London, 22nd August, 1924 to Mrs Coombe Tennant, Cadoxton Lodge, Vale of Neath (Swansea Museum, 1986.200). The first is Jones, Anna M., The Rural Industries of England and Wales, (Oxford, 1927), vol. IV for Wales The second Crankshaw, W.P., Report on a Survey of the Welsh Textile Industry. (UWP, 1927; republished 1978)

The latter shows that many looms in Wales were still worked by hand, not mechanised.