Welsh kilt

There is no evidence that Welsh men ever wore quilts, but there were attempts to create them, or revive was was thought to be an ancient tradition by several gentry, including some from Lady Llanover‘s circle.

There is a photograph in Belcham’s book entitled ‘The Williams family in the plaid’. [no date but late 19th century.] Three of the boys are wearing kilts, but there is nothing Welsh about the fashion of the women’s dresses.  The photograph is probably of  Morgan Stuart Williams of Aberpergwm (1846-1909) and his wife Josephine Herbert (married 22.7.1873) and their children.
Belcham, Elizabeth F., About Aberpergwm. The Home of the Williams family in the Vale of Neath, Glamorgan,  (1993), pp. 122-123

‘New Fashions for Gorsedd. Should the Welsh wear Kilts?’
On the Brecon-Glamorgan border is an inscribed stone of ‘a person wearing something in the form of a Kilt’
[No conclusion was drawn in this article as to whether the kilt was ancient or traditional.]
D Rhys Phillips [Secretary of the Welsh Bibliography Society and Swansea Librarian], The Bard’s Wardrobe, Western Mail, 13.6.1923

Ffrancis Payne thought that the contemporary events to revive a Welsh kilt were ridiculous.
Payne, Ff.G., Notes for an undated lecture, on which he based his article ‘Welsh Peasant Costume’, Folk Life, II, (1963), pp. 42-57 and later published separately.
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