Hemp was made into yarn and processed into fabric either on its own to make sacking or with wool to make heavy duty fabrics such as aprons for industrial use.

This time two years, there came a flock of birds [about a hundred] to a Hempyard at a place called Lhan Dewi Velfrey in Pembrokeshire, and in one afternoon destroyed all the Hempseed.
Letter from Edward Lhwyd at Swansea to Dr Tancred Robinson, 14th Sept. 1696
Gunther, R.T., The Life and Letters of Edward Lhwyd, vol. 14, (Oxford, 1945), pp. 308-310

On Anglesey (where there was a shortage of wool) coarse cloth was made with or without wool until the late 18th century (Jenkins, J.G., The Welsh Woollen Industry, (1969), p. 231)

The tip girls of Tredegar wore aprons ‘made of material resembling hop cloth or fine sacking’ Bristol Mercury, 29.4.1865, illustrated in Tozer, Jane and Sarah Levitt, Fabric of Society: A Century of People and their Clothes 1770–1870, (1983), p. 129