The detailed analysis of the fabrics on Welsh costume dolls showed that shoddy was used in some.

Some yarns which appeared to be made of wool, when analysed under the microscope, revealed a mixture of fibres – often wool fibres of differing colours, some of which seemed very worn, cotton fibres and unidentified fibres. We have suggested that this might indicate some form of recycled yarn perhaps from the shoddy trade. Shoddy is described as a fibrous material made in the woollen trade by pulling down new or old knitted or loosely woven fabric in rag form (Textile Institute 1993). Examples of shoddy fabric can be seen on D1(?), D4, D5, D8, D9, D15(?), D18, D19. Shoddy fabrics would typically be made for the lower end of the market.

Extracted for the general report of the Welsh costume doll project, written by Clare Stoughton-Harris and Emma Telford, 2011.