Ackermann (1764-1834)

Rudolph Ackermann established a print shop and drawing school at the Strand, London in 1795. Between 1809 and 1829 he produced prints for his 40 volumes of  Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions known as Ackermann’s Repository which illustrated the changes in dress and furniture fashions.

A number of prints of Welsh costume were produced by him: 

Anon., [A Market] Published by R Ackermann of London, stamped James Fahey. ‘Wales’ is written in pencil on bottom right. Two women wearing peaked bonnets, one wearing a blue cloak, the other a red one over a blue shawl and check apron. (NLW PA9086)

 ‘Market Day’ Old woman with ducks; young woman; old man; chickens in basket (NLW PA5341)

Group of people at a market; stall on right with stockings hanging from it, man in smock. Women in Bonnets. Men with barrels, women with baskets, 1824 (NLW PA5340)

Ackermann’s Women’s Fashion in England (1818-1828) by Stella Blum based on the 450 illustrations of costume published in Ackermann’s Repository of the Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions and Politics.

Ackermann commissioned Pyne to produce ‘Microcosm, A Picturesque Delineation of the Arts, Agriculture, Manufactures, etc of Great Britain in a series of above 600 Groups of Small Figures …

There is a possibility that Ackermann printed the 13 portraits of women in Welsh costume which are associated with Lady Llanover