de Loutherbourg (1740–1812)

Philippe James de Loutherbourg, R.A.

Many of de Loutherbourg’s views of Wales of which 8 were published in his Romantic and Picturesque Scenery in England and Wales (London, 1805) include visitors but a few show local people. He was one of the few artists who included people as an important part of the landscape, not just as a scale to emphasise its grandeur.

The colours can vary from one print to another.

All the women he illustrates wear brown or black soft felt ‘men’s’ hats.

Tintern’ , print, 1805, NLW PB04711 Woman in light brown gown? yellow shawl? and blue skirt.

Snowdon’, (detail), print, 1805 NLW P00256 (the coloured version) Man in brown jacket and blue trousers; woman in brown cloak? blue gown and light brown skirt; child in red top and brown trousers.

Melen y Nant near Snowdon’, print, 1805. Woman on horseback with red cloak or shawl and blue skirt.

Cateract on the Llugwy, 1806 A male and female guide with a couple of visitors looking over a waterfall. The woman guide on the right is wearing a short blue hooded cloak possibly with the pinned-up tail of a brown bedgown showing beneath it. The brown skirt has a black edging.

Conway Castle’ 43.2 x 61 cms, oil painting, signed and dated 1804. Private collection. Two of this groups of apparently young people are wearing red cloaks and a third has a cream coloured one while the fourth appears to have a white whittle over a short blue bedgown. They are all wearing relatively short skirts, one of which has a ribbon along the bottom edge; all are wearing men’s felt hats.

Women of Llanberris, ink sketch, no date. Private collection. The three women, (two shown from the back, one from the side) are wearing gowns with short sleeves, short tails (with a split at the back); a shawl or kerchief; an apron and skirts which stop just below the knee.