Delamotte (1788 – c.1835)

George Delamotte produced a series of portraits of Swansea people between about 1810 and 1825. None of the women in these pictures wore Welsh hats though several are shown wearing top hats. All the images are in a digitised album in the National Library of Wales DV271 (PB4886) and another digital version

1 A Gower woman. Portrait
This woman is wearing a red fringed whittle pinned around her neck and blue one wrapped around her waist.

2 Portrait of a Shrimpman. Swansea
Man in patched jacket and trousers

3 Portraits of two Gower women Swansea market
Both women are wearing red fringed whittles and silk equestrian hats. It is not clear whether either of them are wearing bedgowns. One has a check apron, the other appears to be wearing a blue and white skirt or bedgown (similar to that in no. 26) over a grey petticoat.

4 Portrait of an idiot. Carmarthenshire
Portrait of a man in blue jacket, blue breeches, white stockings

5 Portrait of Sam Lewis Swansea
Man in long brown jacket, waistcoat, handkerchief around his neck and white trousers.

6 Muffins or crumpets: any nice cakes M’am
This woman, standing near Swansea castle, is wearing a felt hat over a large white kerchief; check shawl; red and white check short-sleeved bedgown with the tail pinned back; separate white sleeves and a white apron over a dark coloured skirt.

7 Thomas Lewis alias Tom Marlborough
Man in dark jacket and light breeches

8 Please to buy a heart Ma’am. Portrait of May Edwards aged 85
Mary Edwards is wearing a kerchief under a felt hat; a blue shawl, a pink and white check short-sleeved bedgown, separate black sleeves and a blue apron.

9 [Incomplete sketch of cattle]

10 Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams of Llansamlet? is wearing a white kerchief under a man’s felt hat; a short-sleeved, brown striped bedgown, with a blue stripe patch; a check blue and white apron over a horizontally striped skirt and black stockings down to the ankles.

11 Dick the Ferryman, Swansea
Man with tall felt hat, brown coat, blue waistcoat and trousers

12 [Incomplete sketch of woman]

13 Kitty Prosser
Kitty was probably a bathing attendant. She wears a top hat over a white cotton cap; a red neckerchief; a check loose bedgown tucked into a plain brown skirt.

14 Mr Howells Methodist Preacher, Swansea. 1818
Mr Howells is wearing a grey (or drab) suit, and a hat rather like early Welsh hats from north Wales.

15 Old John, Servant of Aberpergwm. 1818
This servant is probably wearing liverey supplied by the family – long white coat, waistcoat, breeches

16 Portrait of a Blind Beggar, Glamorganshire

17 Mrs Gwyn. Alex Rolls and his nurse
It appears that Mrs Gwyn was nurse to the Rolle family who could afford to dress her in the latest fashion of silk hat over a white cotton cap with lappets. She is wearing a red fringed whittle to hold her baby but it is not correctly bound around her shoulder. She appears to be wearing a bedgown with short, puffed sleeves and a white apron.

18 Mathews Blind Harper

19 An Irish Haymaker

20 [Woman with stick]
This woman is wearing a white kerchief under a man’s felt hat; a loose, straight-fronted bedgown, bundled up at the back; a striped white and blue/green skirt with a whittle of the same fabric bound around her waist.

21 [Man with coracle]

22 An Irishman going to Cork May 1819

23 John Lumley, one of Lord Nelson’s Seamen

24 Hostler at Margam

25 Scotch Beggars
The woman is wearing a blue cloak

26 [Woman carrying a pitcher on her head]. 1825
This bare-footed woman is wearing a bedgown of red, blue and white striped fabric which appears to reflect the light so might include silk. She is not wearing an apron over her dark plain skirt.

27 Rees – the Cowman at Briton Ferry

28 Date me una para si vi piacer (?). Near Bath

29 John Pritchard Blacksmith Llanvaply. 1829

30 [Sketch of woman]

31 [Manuscript poem].

Further reading

Morris, Bernard, George Orleans Delamotte: a South Wales sketch book, c 1816–1835 (2007)