H Humphreys was a publisher and book seller of Caernarvon. He produced prints of Wales and Welsh costume and various guide books.


‘Just published by H Humphreys, Castle Square, Caernarfon, Welsh costumes taken on market day in Wales, price 1s, half coloured 1/3d, full coloured 2/-. Dolls dressed according to Welsh costumes at various prices.

North Wales Chronicle, August 5, 1853; August 12, 1853.


Parry, John, Jenny Jones ac Edward Morgan Llangollen : yn Gymraeg ac yn Saesoneg, Tôn – Cadair Idris, [gan] John Parry (Bardd Alaw); Y ferch garaf fi, Tôn – “Llwyn On”, [gan] Gwilym Morganwg. Caernarfon : Argraffwyd gan H. Humphreys, [n.d.]


‘Herewith I send you the pictures of Welsh costume which you wanted. I got them from Mr Humphreys. You know him, … the bookseller at the end of High Street in Bangor.’ (Rodenberg, Julius, Ein Herbst in Wales, Land and Leute, Marchen under Lieder (Hanover, 1858). Translated by William Linnard, ‘An Autumn in Wales, (1856), Country and People, Tales and Songs. (Cowbridge, 1985), p. 154)