George Bryant Campion (1796-1870) published  Sketches of the picturesque character of Great Britain from nature and on stone. (London: Ackermann, 1836) which contained 12 hand-coloured lithographs of people. Campion was the lithographer and might have been the artist too.

The women in these prints have hats known in one publication as the Anglesea, broader at the top than at the brim. They are wearing simple T shaped bedgowns, probably of cotton.


The title page includes a woman very similar to that in ‘A Welsh Harper’.






no. 5 ‘A Welsh Harper’ The woman wearing a very elegant top hat while listening to a harper. The girl is wearing a short-sleeved striped dress with a white long-sleeved chemise beneath it and footless stockings.






no. 6 ‘Welsh Peasants’