Harding, J.W.,

J.W. Harding produced a set of six prints of working people in north Wales
They were published with descriptive texts in ‘Sketches in North Wales, Books of Views no 14’, published by John Harding, 36 St James Street, January 1812

All the women are shown wearing loose voluminous V or round-necked bedgowns like some of the women’s costumes shown in prints published by Peter Roberts, 1815.

‘Peat Cutting’
Man, two women and a child gathering peat, using peat carriers and panniers. The woman in the forground is wearing separate sleeves and stockings down to her ankles.

‘Coracle Fishing’
A man is carrying a coracle on his back, on which a gaff is visible

‘Ferry at Conway’
The women are wearing something more like smocks than gowns. A woman is carrying her shoes.

Three women, washing, carrying washing and knitting, by a stream with a watermill in the background. One woman is wearing small shoes and stockings down to her ankles.

‘Blind Harpist’
Seven people (including two children?), by a cottage. One is playing a harp. Woman wearing a blue cloak.

Welch Farmer / Hay making
Old couple in foreground; 2 children behind harvesting; horse with Car llusg; mountains in background. The young woman has stockings down to her ankles; the older woman has a blue cloak.