Jones, Hugh.,

Hugh Jones (fl 1824-1849) of Anglesey and Caernarfon. He produced portraits, views and some illustrations of Welsh costume which were reproduced as prints.


‘Welsh Costumes, Cottager, Farmer’s Wife, Labourer’s wife, Farmer’s Daughter, Market Boy, Cottager’s daughter’, print, 1st July, 1851. Publisher: Catherall, T., (Chester); lithographer: Lynch, J.H., printer: Day and Son. Paper: 27.8 x 34.9; image: 21 x
27.9 cms

(a) ‘Cottager’. Man sitting on window sill. (b) ‘Farmer’s Wife’. Woman with Welsh hat and cap; long dark-coloured cloak, check skirt and shopping bag. (c) ‘Labourer’s wife’. Woman with flat straw hat and white cap; short-sleeved, striped bedgown with large collar; white stockings and good shoes; baby in whittle and bucket in hand. (d) ‘Farmer’s Daughter’ Woman in Welsh hat and cotton cap with decorative ribbons; long-sleeved striped dress with kerchief tucked into the collar; large fringed shawl; white stockings and good shoes. (e) ‘Market Boy’ ; (f) ‘Cottager’s daughter’. Woman with flat straw hat and cotton cap; short-sleeved betgwn with V neck and large collar; printed skirt, and horizontally striped apron.

The colours of the costume vary in different prints. In one example, the cottager’s daughter is shown wearing a green bedgown, a colour which is extremely rarely represented in Welsh costume: other versions show her in a blue bedgown.

Joyner, Paul, (1997), Artists in Wales c.1740 – c.1851, National Library of Wales, p. 63