Griffith, R.,

Nothing is known about R Griffith other than that he published costume prints in 1851.


Print : ‘Welsh Fashions Taken on a Market-Day in Wales, 1851, Drawn by R Griffiths, Carnarvon’ image: 20.8 x 32 cms.

On the copy in Ceredigion Museum (1999.99.2) the gown on the woman on the left is red and the cloak on the woman knitting is red, but in a copy in the National Library of Wales (PB8416, see below), the gown is blue and the cloak red.

This is set in north Wales. The woman on the left is wearing what appears to be a classic south-west Wales tailored bedgown over a collared, V neck north Wales type, while that on the right is wearing a north Wales type.

(1) woman with straw? hat over a cotton cap; striped bedgown with collar over another bedgown with large collar; check apron, striped shirt and clogs with leather uppers, (2) woman with Welsh hat over a cotton cap and under the hood of a cloak; striped skirt, dark coloured apron, shawl, stockings and shoes; knitting with 5 needles with at least five more stockings on her arm. (3) woman with Welsh hat, kerchief, dress, fine shawl with patterned border, carrying umbrella and basket of doves. The dress is similar to surviving examples in Gwynedd Museum, Bangor. (4) woman with man’s ‘bowler’ hat, short-sleeved, short printed jacket with collar, black and white apron, striped skirt, bare feet, stockings which just cover the foot and are hooked around one of the toes. She is carrying a large container on her head and basket (of loaves?) in one arm and has a goat by her side. A photograph of a tinned container of this type and size was taken by John Thomas. (5) man, with jacket, striped waistcoat, knee-length britches, stockings, light shoes, hat in hand, neck-tie. (6) boy with tall hat, jacket with tails, trousers, shoes.

Another version of this print, published by Robert S Groom, London has a woman exactly like the farmer’s daughter in John Cambrian Rowland’s ‘Llanbadarn’ group, in place of the man. Gwynedd Museum, Bangor and Ceredigion Museum, 1999.99.3

PB8416another version, NLW PB8416