Welsh Primitif

The naive artist known as ‘A Welsh Primitif’ (Welsh Primitive) produced many naive drawings and paintings of women in Welsh hats probably during the 1830s-1850s.

‘Baptism at Llanbadarn’ shows more than a dozen women (and one man) in Welsh hats, far more than are shown in bonnets. [NLW PA6784].

Untitled: A drawing of a boat in trouble at the harbour mouth, Aberystwyth, probably the John and Mary which was wrecked in 1848, shows three women in Welsh hats and two in bonnets watching the incident [Carmarthen Museum]

Untitled: Three women in Welsh hats at the shore, possibly discussing the purchase of fish [Carmarthen Museum, dated about 1840].

‘On the Road’  This shows several women in Welsh hats, some just in caps. At least four of the women have used their aprons to carry good to market. [Carmarthenshire County Museum : 1992.0028]

Joyner, Paul, (1997), Artists in Wales c1740 – c1851, National Library of Wales, p 125