Wynne, Francis Elizabeth,

Francis Wynne produced several albums of Wales during the 1850s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s which include nearly 30 detailed portraits of Welsh women and some of men.

NLW DV307 (PZ588) 1854 – 1866

p. 3 Woman in blue jacket, knitting with three needles Feb 27.

p. 5a Woman in Welsh costume ‘Dukes Anwyl’

p. 9b Martha Owen Ffestiniog, Landlady of the Pengwen Arms [inn] 29.3.1854

p. 17b The Capel Curig Esquimaux (from ye quick)

p. 25a Cefn y sadfa bach, March 1862. Includes clock, dresser, skew, stool.

p. 31c Woman in Welsh costume carrying sticks, Trefriw 4.4.1862

p. 35a woman with large peat basket on her back

p. 84b man with woman wearing a short blue bedgown (hat is indistinct)

p. 85 Tree-lined road with woman in short bedgown and tall hat and child

p. 124a Group of women in Welsh costume, and children, Pwllheli, 1866

p. 131b Group of women in Welsh costume, Pwllheli market 8.8.1866

p. 138d A Welch secret, hats in the way Pwllheli, 8.8.1866

p. 140 woman in Welsh costume and child in siol magu, Tanygrisiau Aug 13th

f 1 Kitchen of Rhyd y creuau pen and ink. Clock, good chair, dresser, skew, lots of things hanging from ceiling


p. 2 Woman in blue cloak ‘from a sketch by F.W. Burton at Hafod Unos’

p. 107b Two women, one in a long-tailed gown with the ends of the tail pinned together; the other in a short bedgown. Near Ffestiniog, 7th October, 1869

p. 108b Aug 1869 (woman in Welsh hat)

p. 115c Glanyaeron? Oct 1869 (woman with long gown with tail tied back)

p. 128b Near Penrhiwddolion 21.10.1870 (young woman without a hat)


p. 1b woman with peat basket covered by blue cloak

p. 2 woman with peat basket

p. 21 Pistyll church 1.10.1874 with a tall woman and short man walking past

p. 71 Margt as Mrs Cadwallader 27.8.1877 [Margaret might have beeen one of the artist’s companions]

p. 98b Rhiw, 27.9.1877 (woman in Welsh costume)

p. 175 Near the south Stack, Holyhead, 5.10.1878 (man and woman gathering potatoes)


p. 75a Woman with peat basket on back


p. 11 ‘Miss W (blandly), Not This way, this is private. Round there if you please, Round there. NB This patient has come to be cured of a nervous disorder.’ Sketch of a old woman in a cloak, striped skirt and round domed hat with flat brim being shown the way by a servant.

p. 34b The last load, Caernarfonshire, Cwm Dreiuiog Sept, 1882 (car llusg)

p. 51b untitled, Woman in Welsh hat