Francis Frith took many excellent photographs and commissioned other photographs to send examples of their work to him with a view to making postcards of them. Many of the earlier images were numbered and dated, making the Francis Frith archive a most valuable collection.

Among his many thousands of images are a few of Welsh costume.
title                                                      date     reference number
Tenby, Cockle Women                       1890    28091
Tenby, Fishwives                                1890    28092
Tenby, Fishwives                                1890    28093
Holyhead, Ladies in Welsh costume  1894    34287
Pensarn, Welsh Costumes                   1895    36953
Special Subjects, Welsh Lady             c 1900 1973B
Special Subjects, A Welsh Lady         c 1900             A001017
Special Subjects, A Welsh tea party   c 1900 A001401
Pensarn, Welsh Costumes                   1906    54776

In addition, the firm printed at least one of Bedford’s stereo pairs as a postcard.