Llewelyn and family

John Dillwyn Llewelyn of Swansea(1810-1882)
Captain Augustus Lennox (1824 – 1883)
Thereza Dillwyn Llewelyn

John Dillwyn Llewellyn was one of the earliest photographers in Wales. He and his relatives produced several portraits of women in Welsh costume.

Garden girls in the costume of Glamorgan‘ JDL’s daughters, Thereza and Emma, posed in a doorway, c 1854. This is one of the first known staged photographs of Welsh costume.
(Copy photograph: Swansea Museum, SM1987.841.30)

[Lady in Welsh costume, knitting], c. 1855. This unknown woman is wearing a bedgown with a check pattern which appears to be typical of south Wales in the mid 19th century.
(Copy photograph: Swansea Museum, SM1987.843.16)

Woman with nursing shawl, c. 1854
(Copy photograph: NLW, photo album 2, no 17)

Hay making c. 1853. A posed photograph of women raking hay. They are all wearing the peaked, flat-topped hats typical of the Swansea area.
(NLW, photo album 1, no 29 and another copy Swansea Museum, SM1987.845.59)

The Haymakers c. 1854. Four women and a man  resting by a hay stack.
(Copy photograph: Swansea Museum, SM1987.845.35)

The Haymakers c. 1854. Men and women building a hay stack
(Copy photograph: Swansea Museum, SM1987.844.48)

[Elderly lady gardener] c. 1854. A woman wearing a loose striped bedgown
(Copy photograph: Swansea Museum, SM1987.844.9)

There are several albums in the National Library of Wales containing over 200 photographs of the Vivian and Dillwyn Llewelyn families and their homes in the Swansea area.

Morris, Richard, John Dillwyn Llewelyn 1810-1882 : The first photographer in Wales, (Welsh Arts Council Touring Exhibition catalogue of 1980)