Mathias, J.T.

John Turnor Mathias, (1822-1887) Cardigan

Amongst many thousands of care de visite portrait photographs by J.T. Mathias in Ceredigion Archives are about 22 of different women wearing Welsh costume who share some elements of the same costumes. Most of the subjects are young women holding a basket; a few are knitting. All have tall hats, some of which have twisted ribbons of two colours around the base of the crown. Several are formal portraits of old women and one is dated 1863. (Western Mail, 13.12.1954)

Most of the gowns are short sleeved, but they do not seem to have watered silk cuffs.

Although his son, Thomas Turnor Mathias (about 1866 – 1958) was also a photographer, he didn’t seem to have produced carte de visite.