Mathias, Tom

Tom Mathias (1866-1940), Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire. (Not the same photographer as T.T. Mathias of Cardigan)

Of the 540 glass negatives of photographs taken by Tom Mathias held by Pembrokeshire Museums, 8 are staged portraits of young women in Welsh costume with Welsh hats. There are other portraits, generally of older women in shawls, long skirts and aprons, but without Welsh hats.

The ladies of Llwyn Adda Chapel Sunday School dressed in Welsh costumes and enormous Welsh hats.

Woman in Welsh costume, knitting

Four women taking tea

Woman with market basket

An unidentified girl carrying a baby in a shawl, but not quite correctly in ‘Welsh fashion’.

The children of Blaen-ffos School, 1915. The title of the Welsh national anthem ‘Land of my Fathers’, is written on the blackboard in the window. 

Williams-Davies, John, Tom Mathias, Folk Life Photographer, (1995) p. 30-33