Sir (John) Benjamin Stone (1836-1914), founded the National Photographic Record Association in 1897 and toured parts of Wales in 1897, 1893, 1894, 1902 and 1903 to record the manners and customs of their inhabitants for his National Photographic Record.

The collection includes photographs of :

Mrs Catherine Thomas of Tynant Bach, Dolgellau, 1897 (box 322, nos 26-28)

10 women at Holyhead Alms Houses, 1903, (box 325, no 36)

Bangor Eisteddfod, 1902 with some women in Welsh costume and men from other Celtic countries in costume.

National Eisteddfod meeting of Bardic Gorsedd, Kensington Gardens, London, June, 1909, including bards, a harpist, women in Welsh costume (one with a cockle hat) with a banner with a dragon on it behind them. (box 327, nos 28, 31)

NLW Album 1244 (microfiche)

Photos of the 1902 National Eisteddfod at Bangor, were included in Stone, Benjamin, Sir Benjamin Stone’s Pictures, Records of National Life and History, Vol I, Festivals, Ceremonies and Customs, (London, 1906),