Newman and Co

During the 1850s ‘60s and ‘70s Newman and Co. produced prints of Welsh costumes, similar to those of Rock and Co. These were often sold as a set in special but cheap bindings, or sold with a set of views of a particular location. Some of these were also printed on china.

J Newman and Co also produced booklets of prints of many places in Wales, England and Scotland.

John Newman and Co, engravers and print publishers, were based at 48 Watling Street, London, between 1848 and 1874. Between 1876 and 1880 they were at 69 or 49 Southwalk Bridge Road, London

Although few copies of the booklets of prints produced by Rock and Co. and Newman and Co. have survived, many of the prints were removed from their bindings to be hung on walls or pasted into albums.

Some watercolours on which these prints have been based have been attributed to Richard Dadd (1818-1887) but there is no evidence for this. All the original watercolours have been amended by making the Welsh hats slightly shorter.
‘The Bidding’, (NLW PB07216 framed)
‘Going to church’ (NLW PB09217 framed)
‘Leaving Church’, (NLW PB07218 framed)
‘Market Day’, (NLW PB09219 framed)

Small format prints:

[1] Farmer’s daughters, Farm Servant, Market Woman, Farmer’s Wife.
Published by Newman and Co for D LL Lewis of Rhyl, NLW P1348
This print was copied in pencil by Hannah Bowman in 1853. NMW, St Fagans, 66.262/1

2 Welsh costumes [South Wales] no. 2
Five women in front of a castle NLW PA9099

3 ‘Market Scene, North Wales’ NLW PZ6055
This print was copied in pencil by Hannah Bowman in 1854. NMW, St Fagans, 66.262/2

4 ‘Welsh costumes no. 4 Going to Market’ NLW PB1702

5 ‘Welsh costumes no.  5 Market Scene, Cardiganshire’ NLW PA6414

6 ‘Welsh Costumes no. 6 The Bidding’
after ‘The Bidding’ attributed to Richard Dadd, c. 1840, watercolour, NLW PB7216
Richard Bebb attributes this to John Cambrian Rowland, c. 1850 (Bebb, Richard, Welsh Furniture, 1250-1950, vol 2, p. 215, no 1047)
National Library of Wales original watercolour in which the height of the hats has been reduced. Carmarthen Museum print.

7 ‘Wedding’ NLW PA9102   (same as large series, no 5, based on ‘Coming from church’ attributed to Richard Dadd, NLW PB07218 (framed)

8 ‘Welsh costumes no 8’ Five women in front of Caernarfon Castle NLW (78) Same as large series no 2

9 ‘Welsh costumes no. 9‘ Women in front of church NLW (184) (same as large series, no 3. Based on ‘Going to church’ attributed to Richard Dadd, c. 1840 NLW PB07217 (framed)

10 ‘Welsh Costumes no. 10 Five women and man  NLW PA6415 (same as large series, no 6)

11 ‘Welsh Costumes’ Five women and a pig, and backs of two women on the right NLW PZ6045;   NLW PA9104 (letterhead)

12 Welsh costumes no. 12 Man and Woman on horseback [similar to Rock and Co’s ‘Returning from the wedding’] Carmarthen Record Office : CDX/319/252

13 ‘Tea Party no. 13’ Three women around round table NLW (51)

14 ‘Spinning, no. 14’ Three women with spinning wheel (Ceredigion Museum)

15  ‘Market Group, no 15’ Three women at market (Ceredigion Museum)

16 ‘Welsh Costumes no. 16’  Eight women at market (Ceredigion Museum)

17  ‘Welsh Costumes no. 17’ 4 women in a market place, one with a baby (Ceredigion Museum)

Larger format prints

A set of six prints, all printed on paper 21.7 x 30 with images 15 x 23.2.

1 Welsh Costumes no. 1
Based on ‘Market Day’ attributed to Richard Dadd, c. 1840
National Library of Wales, original watercolour

2 [Caernarfon Castle]= small series no 8

3 Welsh costumes no. 3 [Going to church] = small series no 9
National Library of Wales; Carmarthen Museum (print)


5 Welsh costumes no. 5 [Coming from church / Leaving church] = small series no 7
National Library of Wales original watercolour in which the height of the hats has been reduced.;   Carmarthen Museum (print)

6 Welsh costumes no. 6 untitled = small series no 10


Newman & Co [n.d], Six Plates of Welch [Sic] Costumes. No. 1

Newman & Co [n.d], Panorama of Welsh Costumes. [11 plates]