unknown artists

Hand-coloured print by Hugh Jones, Beaumaris, (fl 1824-1849), engraved by J.H. Lynch; printed by Day and Son; published by T Catherall, Chester. c. 1850, image: 21 x 27.9 cms.

(a) ‘Cottager’. Man sitting on window sill. (b) ‘Farmer’s Wife’. Woman with Welsh hat and cap; long dark-coloured cloak, check skirt and shopping bag. (c) ‘Labourer’s wife’. Woman with flat straw hat and white cap; short-sleeved, striped bedgown with large collar; white stockings and good shoes; baby in whittle and bucket in hand. (d) ‘Farmer’s Daughter’ Woman in Welsh hat and cotton cap with decorative ribbons; long-sleeved striped dress with kerchief tucked into the collar; large fringed shawl; white stockings and good shoes. (e) ‘Market Boy’ ; (f) ‘Cottager’s daughter’. Woman with flat straw hat and cotton cap; short-sleeved bedgown with V neck and large collar; printed skirt, and horizontally striped apron.

NLW PA9096.

A version of this print was published by H. Humphreys of Caernarfon in 1851 NLW (166)


print: Anon, Welsh costume group about 1850

Engraved by J.H. Lynch, printed by Day and Son, image: 19.2 x 28 cms.

All the women are wearing Welsh hats and cotton caps.

(a) woman with dark coloured medium-length, long-sleeved bedgown with collar, striped skirt and check apron. (b) woman with full-length hooded cloak and striped skirt. (c) woman with medium-length, long-sleeved bedgown, kerchief tucked into the gown, striped skirt and apron. (d) young women similar to ‘Farmer’s daughter’ in other prints wearing a dress with collar, around which a kerchief with toggle has been hung; a fine patterned shawl. She is carrying a small bag. (e) woman with full-length cloak and striped apron and skirt and knitting. Very similar to ‘winter costume’ in Rowland’s group. (f) woman with dress or bedgown with skirt in the same fabric; shawl folded lengthways and apron.

NLW P6955


Print : Anon (possibly R.J. Derfel) ‘Welsh Costume’

Group of three women, published by H Humphreys of Caernarfon, c 1850, image: 12.5 x 17 NLW PA4597

This image appeared in several forms including letter paper and books of prints.

All three are wearing Welsh hats over cotton caps. (a) Jacket or bedgown with collar and long sleeves over another V-necked bedgown with collar; long skirt. (b) women very much like ‘winter costume’ in Rowland’s group. (c) woman very much like ‘Farmer’s daughter’ in Rowland’s group.


print: Market Scene in Wales, drawn and engraved by D. Fabronius

printed by Day and Son, published by T. Ambrose, 1850s, 29.5 x 46 cms

The impression given in this print is that the women in Welsh hats are the purchasers, and those with other sorts of hat are the sellers.

NLW PB1652