Present and former staff of the National Library of Wales, particularly Lona Mason, William Troughton and Huw Walters.
My former colleagues at Ceredigion Museum, especially Gwenllian Ashley and at other museums in Wales, particularly Elen Phillips at National History Museum, St Fagans
Staff at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the Hat Museum, Stockport.
Staff of the National Trust
Helen Palmer and her colleagues in the Ceredigion Archive Office.
David Rye of ‘The Welsh Lady’ (Welsh costume postcard collectors club).
Liz Pitman for kindly letting me see her transcriptions of unpublished women’s diaries of travels in Wales.
Members of the Lady Llanover Society, (Cymdeithas Gwenynen Gwent) especially Ann Griffiths, Frances Younson and Helen Forder
the late Walford Wynn-Jones
Huw Roberts, Llangefni (author of Pais a Becon, Gwn Stuff a Het Silc, Ynys Mon, 2006)
Robin Gwyndaf (NMW)
Dr Celyn Gurden-Williams (who completed a PhD on Lady Llanover and the creation of a Welsh Cultural Utopia,  Cardiff, 2008)
Dorothy Osler
Ron Cosens for letting me copy some of his postcards of Welsh costume.
Peter Davis for letting me copy some of his stereo photographs of Welsh costume
Jen Jones of the Welsh Quilt Museum, Lampeter
Margaret Bide,
Tom Lloyd for letting me see some of his watercolours and drawings of Welsh costume
Berian Williams
Charles Parry, (formerly NLW)

All the members of women’s groups who have told me about Welsh costume when giving talks
All those who have given, lent or allowed me to see their costumes and Welsh hats.