The Welsh Textile Manufacturers’ Association

This Association was established in 1918 for owners and employers mostly of woollen mills. 110 of the 150 woollen factories in Wales had joined by 1927 and agreed to rates of pay for employees, but very small factories and mills were not members.

For published notification on rates of pay for the early 1920s, see NLW David Thomas (Bangor) Papers, file 21

By 1927 the Association had a warehouse in Penarth, near Cardiff to which members could send goods for sale to shops.

The Association provided a list of 217 firms and factories of Welsh Textile Manufacturers to William Crankshaw for his survey of the Welsh Textile Industry in 1925 and 1926 (published 1927). Of these, only 192 were in working order at the time of his survey and he visited 150 of them.

Jones, Anna M., The Rural Industries of England and Wales, (Oxford, 1927), vol. IV for Wales, p. 35