Hat makers and vendors

This page includes all references to hat makers and vendors that I have come across, whether or not they made or sold Welsh hats.



Label in Welsh hat made by J. Phillips, hatter, of Catherine Street, Carmarthen









Label in Welsh hat made by Christys’ of London, and sold by D. & W. Davies of The Square, Carmarthen.








Advert: William Hughes, Hat manufacturer, Market Street, Carmarthen
Hats now cheaper [because stamp duty had ceased in 1811?] Superfine, Waterproof London hats and those of his own make.
Carmarthen Journal, 8.2.1811

Advert for T Davies, Hat manufacturer, Water Street [Carmarthen]. Hats for sale at 1 guinea.
Carmarthen Journal, 4.4.1812
Advert: Catherine Griffiths, of Peter Street, Carmarthen, straw hat and bonnet maker. Learnt her trade at Hereford.

Carmarthen Journal, 5.2.1813
Report: The premises of William Hughes, hat manufacturer of Carmarthen were broken into (probably by a former employee) and about 50 incomplete (un-stiffened) hats were stolen.
Carmarthen Journal, 3.9.1813

A hatter from Carmarthen has presented the Princess Royal with a silk riding hat weighing only 4 ounces.
North Wales Chronicle (Bangor, Wales), January 19, 1847

In a novel by the Rev H Elwyn Thomas ‘Cynwyn Rhys, Pregethwr’ [1908?], is a description of Siop yr Hatwr (based on a real shop which stood behind the Golden Grove Arms). Transactions of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society, vol. V, p. 25.