Several Welsh hats have ‘Paris’ or French labels. It is possible that they were made in Paris, or that the labels were added to inflate the price, while others were made with Paris silk plush (see below).

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This last image is blured because it was taken through cellophane wrapping which protects anyone handling it from any mercury that it might have contained, but mercury was used only for felt hats, not  silk hat like the majority of surviving Welsh Hats.


It has been said that one of the Welsh hats formerly in Carmarthen Museum has the name ‘Andre’ in it and he was a Paris hat maker, based in London (from whom, it has been said, the Ladies of Llangollen bought their hats).
Ken Etheridge, Welsh costume, (Jones and Mainwaring, Ammanford, 1958 and subsequently), p. 46

SILK HATS are of different qualities, bearing different names, according to the quality of the body or the plush with which the bodies are covered, viz., Paris, French, or Satin-napped Hats, Imitation ditto, or Velvet-napped Hats, Gossamer Hats and Imitation Gossamers.
Advert for Thomas Inglis, Beaver and silk hat manufacturer, Newport (Monmouthshire), Monmouthshire Merlin, 19.8.1843