performers’ costumes

Newspaper accounts of concerts in which performers (singers and harpists) wore Welsh costume are not common for the 19th century (about 50 found in the 19th century newspapers on line) and the way they remarked on this suggests that the wearing of Welsh costume was unusual. Similarly, Welsh costume was not often worn at Eisteddfodau, either by the performers or the audiences and when it was, it sometimes caused amusement.

One of the first to perform in Welsh costume was The Welsh Nightingale – Miss E.L. Williams, who sang at concerts in north Wales and Liverpool in 1853. (Lover, Samuel, Miss E. L. Williams, the Welsh nightingale, New York, 1857)

It was only towards the end of the 19th century that Welsh costume choirs became not only popular but a matter of pride.

It was very rare for men or boys to dress in Welsh costume (presumably based on 18th century styles); if they did so, it was often when playing a harp.

Miss Mary Hughes, Telynores Menai, performed in Welsh costume; Mr Owen Jones, Telynor Seiriol, also in Welsh costume.
North Wales Chronicle May 3, 1890