Welsh costume doll D38

Project number : D38

D38 front D38 reverse

Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke on Trent.


Costume: hat, cap, shawl, apron, gown, skirt/petticoat, underskirt, chemise, pocket, separate sleeves, stockings, garters and shoes, and carries some knitting.
Body: composition head, blue glass eyes and brown hair.
Hat: silk plush (home-made)
Cap: cotton net with lace trim.
Height: 69 cms
General observations: The gown is typical of the Cardiganshire / Carmarthenshire type. It is made of striped dark-blue and red fabric with buttons at the small of the back. The short sleeves terminate in a fold, on which there is a band of watered silk. The hat is of silk plush and there is an embroidered pocket.
Date: hand and machine stitching present, so after 1850

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