Welsh costume doll bedgowns

Some Welsh costume dolls have bedgowns based on the simple T shape and most are made of cotton.

The following dolls formed part of the Welsh costume doll project. There will be links to detailed descriptions and images of each doll via the hyperlinks.


D3.2 Cloak un-tied a

Open bedgown cut as one rectangle of cloth pleated into neck line. Shoulder seams angled down towards cut arm holes.  Full length set in sleeves, turned and gathered at wrist. Round collar with pleated frill. Ribbon ties each tied in bow at top CF.  Bedgown appears to be a more recent addition – perhaps made at same time as the synthetic ribbons were added to the neck line of the cloak and waistband of apron.


D12.3 bedgown front D12

Centre front opening bedgown in linsey-wolsey formed as follows: four rectangles make up front, two either side. Back formed from one rectangle. Sleeves are each one rectangle, with inserted diamond-shaped gussets underarm. Two further gussets inserted on shoulders at neck. Neck gathered into self-fabric binding. Front neck opening is secured with a circular brass pin with six green glass ‘gems’. French seams. This was not on a doll.

Fabric: Red and brown weft stripe linsey-wolsey hanging vertically. The selvage has been used creatively to form a horizontal feature across the front. Warp: undyed linen; weft: red and brown wool. Occasional errors in the weave.


D19.3 bedgown front (b)D19.3 bedgown back (on doll)

Short bedgown of blue with a white warp stripe plain woven wool with a slightly raised surface. Made in three pieces with a centre back panel and two side panels. The sleeves are formed from the panels and are not separate. The panels are seamed under the arms. All the seams are turned and finished. The front of the bodice is fastened in the centre with two hooks on the left side and sewn eyes on the right side. The front corners are turned back and tied together with narrow tapes which are sewn to each side.

Fabric: Blue with a white warp stripe plain woven with a slightly raised surface. Warp: blue wool and white cotton; weft: blue wool.


D20.5 bedgown

Short bedgown, crossover front, long sleeved,  in printed cotton. Selvage and raw edge at front opening, hemmed lower edge. Sleeve cuffs are gathered. Front opening pinned into doll.


D21.5 bedgown

A shirt-style bedgown, with CF opening, long sleeves, collar. Three buttons fasten front, with buttonhole-stitch loops. Sleeve ends slightly gathered. Neck edge gathered into collar. Front & back cut from one piece of fabric, joined at shoulders. French seams.


D27.3 bedgown front

Short bedgown formed from one piece of fine printed cotton, with integral long sleeves, folded at shoulders & down sleeve. Seamed underarm/down sides (French). Crossed over at front, & stitched into place. Rolled hem lower edge & at sleeve ends.


D31.3 bedgown

Short bedgown made in three pieces of plain woven calico balanced weave; one for the bodice and two separate arms. The bodice is hip length and folds left over right at the front with curved shaping at the hem. The edges are turned but not finished. Each sleeve is made in one piece with a seam on the inside arm. The neck line is a cut edge and left un-finished.


D37.5 bedgown a

Short bedgown of plain woven striped pattern cotton print, made from piece of fabric which has been cut and shaped to create sleeves and create fullness at the hem. The sleeves are seamed under the arm and the joining of front and back is at the sides. The edges are turned and machine stitched but left unfinished. The cuffs are turned in but not sewn.