Welsh costume doll cloaks

The cloaks on Welsh costume dolls are generally red, unlike those for adults, which, the evidence suggests, were normally blue until the 1860s. It is possible therefore, that most of the dolls with red cloaks date to the second part of the 19th century or later.

The similarity of the red cloaks on the dolls which formed part of the Welsh costume doll project suggests that they were made by the same person, or possibly by the same firm, or were copied from an original. The feather stitch decoration is not found on the very few surviving adult cloaks, or seen on the few detailed drawings of red cloaks.


D3 Front

Red full length hooded cloak, made of rectangle of flannel pleated into neck with round of cloth pleated into neck and gathered around face to form a hood.  Neck line seam finished with black ribbon and tied in a bow to secure to doll. Edges of cloak turned, hemmed and embroidered – feather stitch in black .


D7.13 Cape D7.13 Cape open to show inside

Red hooded cape made of one semicircle of fabric with circular hood piece both and gathered into neck.  Neck seam is finished with red ribbon which extends to form a tie under the chin. All edges/hems turned outwards and secured with black feather stitch embroidery.


D19 front D19

Full length cloak with hood. It is made in one rectangular shaped piece with turned edges and gathered at the neck. The hood is made separatley and also gathered to create a frill around the face, it is sewn to the cloak at the back of the neck. Trimmed down each side of the opening with black tape, which is also used to trim the edge the hood, tie the cloak under the chin and face the top edge of the cloak.


D20 reverse D20.2 cape back

A cape with hood, finished with decorative embroidery around edges. Cape neck has narrow braid into which hood and cloak are gathered, tying in bow at front. Selvage on one side of front opening, hemmed on two sides.


D21.3 cape

A red hooded cape with narrow tape covering the join between cape & hood, also forming ties. Finished around edges with embroidered decoration. Hemmed down CF and lower edge, hood gathered with enclosed cord around face.


D37.3 cloak D37.3 cloak reverse

Long red cloak made in two pieces, a rectangular shape for the main part and a hood. The hem and sides are sewn with a decorative embroidery stitch and left raw. The top edge is turned and gathered.

D33 baby for doll

D33.9 babies cloak D33.9 ribbon and stitching

The baby has a cloak made from 1 square piece of fabric which is bound in blue silk ribbon on all four edges.