Welsh costume doll tie-on pockets

Women sometimes had pockets which were tied around the waist, over, or possibly more commonly, under the skirt where they would have been invisible and secure. It would have contained cash and other items.

For more on tie-on pockets see: Pockets of history project

The pockets found on the dolls are very similar to those made for adults and in four of the five examples  found on dolls in the Welsh dolls project, they were worn under the skirt. Most of the pockets were not removed from the doll during analysis.

D7.10 Pocket

D7 FrontD7.10 Pocket detail

Separate pocket to tie around waist made in two pieces.  Cotton fabric used for both front and back pieces. Tape used to fold over top edge of pocket and form a tie around waist – India Tape? Machine stiching to join front and back panels with french seam. Hand stitched hem around opening and for attaching wasitband tape. Height 9.5, max width 6.5

D8.6 Pocket

D8.6 Pocket a D8.6 Pocket b

Pocket of undyed chamois leather and fabric on a tape waistband tie which goes twice around waist and tied in reef knot at CF. Between skirt and petticoat 1. Position of pocket explains why seam and opening of skirt is not CB but off set to the front right. Hand stiched. 6cm deep plus waistband

D11.10 Pocket

D11.10 Pocket


Pocket hanging on ties between skirt and underskirt. Made of cream cotton calico. Plain India style tape used to tie it around the waist.





D22.13 pocket

D22.13 pocket


Pocket attached to cotton ties which held it around the waist. Made of two pieces with slashed opening down front. Made of  chamois leather. Hand sewn throughout.





D38.6 pocket

D38.6 pocket

Separate pocket of plain weave wool flannel, lined with cotton and embroidered in cross stitch in red and blue. Attached to cotton tape to tie around waist.  (image only shows the waistband tie for the pocket). White/cream flannel for front on pocket. White/cream cotton lining to back and inside front of pocket. Red and blue cross stitch on wool flannel front.  Depicts bird, flower/star motifs around slit opening. Machine stitched main seams, hand stitched to waist. 120mm x 90mm.