Welsh costume doll skirts

Skirts were also known as petticoats. They were visible and would not normally have had a waistband of a different material such as are found on some underskirts.

If a gown was worn, skirts were often of the same fabric, but skirts were often bright striped fabrics, normally with the stripes hanging vertically. They were often of wool or linsey-wolsey.   

Doll numbers are hyperlinked to full descriptions.

D3.5 skirt

D3.5 Skirt front D3.5 Skirt Fabric 1 D3.5 Skirt hem

Weft-striped linsey-wolsey with vertical weft stripe.

warp: Blue cotton

weft: black, red, grey wool.

Compare fabric with D8.5.


D8.5 skirt

D8.5 Skirt Fabric 1

Banded / weft stripe flannel.

warp: blue cotton?;

weft: black, red, grey wool? Errors in the weave.

Compare with D3.5



D4.5 skirt

D4.5 Skirt front

Striped linsey-wolsey – selvedge down CB LH edge. Cotton warp, black but made up of multi-coloured fibres – black, brown, red, pink, yellow, blue, green; weft, red wool.





D5.5 skirt

D5.5 Skirt fabric 1 fading

Striped linsey-wolsey – selvedge down Centre back LH edge.

warp : black but made of up of multicoloured fibres – black, brown, red, pink, yellow, blue, green, cotton

weft : red wool

badly faded on lower edge




D6.5 skirt

D6.5 skirt


warp: brown linen;

weft: black, purple, magenta – wool, white – cotton.





D7 skirt

D7.5 Skirt back waist

Complex weave. alternative picks of plain weave followed by a pick repeating plain weave for 5 ends then a float over 3 ends. Each alternate mixed weave pick is off-set by 4 ends

warp and weft: grey – cotton, blue – cotton, black and white outlines – cotton.





D9.6 skirt

D9.6 Skirt back

Striped flannel or linsey-wolsey with weft stripe, cut with warp running horizontally.

Warp: brown cotton; weft: red and brown (made up of yellow, brown and green fibres) wool.

Weft: brown shoddy? – mixture of coloured wool fibres therefore not dyed in the yarn.




D10.5 skirt

D10.9 Skirt back

Black fine wool crêpe







D11.5 skirt

D11.5 Skirt backWeft-striped

warp: navy-blue wool

weft: navy blue wool, pink wool, white cotton

The pink in the weft stripe is a fancy boucle yarn.




D12.4 skirt

D12.4 skirt D12.4 skirt detail

Brown/red/blue/white weft stripe linsey-wolsey hanging vertically. Warp: undyed bast; weft: red, blue, white, brown wool. Frequent flaws in the weft.

D13.5 skirt

D13.5 skirt

Weft stripe cotton hanging vertically.

warp: blue cotton

weft : cotton, stripe repeat: 8 blue, 6 pink





D15.5 skirt

D15.5 skirt

Navy blue/red wool flannel

warp : warp repeat: 3 blue, 3 red wool

weft: navy blue wool





D16.5 skirt

D16.5 skirt D16.5 fabric 2

Striped linsey-wolsey fabric. Warp: brown cotton; weft: blue cotton, red, brown wool and kemp.

D17.5 skirt

D17.5 skirt

Plain woven mixed fibre flannel, with a weft stripe. One loom width.

Warp: light brown cotton;

Weft: grey, brown, yellow, blue wool?





D18.4 lower part of the skirt.

D18.4 skirt D18.4 stitching 1

Plain woven mixed yarn fabric with weft stripes. Warp: blue linen; weft: blue cotton, the black is a mixture of red and brown wools with some shoddy fibres, red wool with some shoddy fibres.

D19.4 skirt

D19.4 skirt

Burgundy with a white warp stripe. Plain woven with a slightly raised surface.

Warp: white cotton and burgundy wool with mixed shoddy fibres;

weft: burgundy wool with mixed shoddy fibres.


D20 skirt

D20.6 skirt


Brown/red/white weft stripe hanging vertically

warp: brown cotton

weft: cotton stripe repeat:2 white, 12 brown, 2 red, 12 brown, 12 red, 12 brown, 2 white, 12 brown, 2 red, 12 brown, 2 white, 12 brown, 12 white, 12 brown, 2 red, 12 brown




D21.6 skirt

D21.6 skirt

Blue wool flannel







D23 skirt

D23.5 skirt

A red/brown flannel / linsey wolsey, as gown

warp: brown cotton

weft: red/brown wool





D25.5 skirt

D25.5 skirt

Red/blue/brown striped linsey-wolsey.

Warp: blue linen;

weft: wool, repeat: 2 red, 4 blue, 2 red, 16 brown, 6 red, 16 brown





D26.5 skirt

D26.5 skirt

Blue/red weft stripe linsey-wolsey, hanging vertically.

Warp: blue linen;

weft: wool repeat: 4 red, 12 light blue, 4 red, 28 dark blue.





D27.4 skirt

D27.4 skirt

Blue wool flannel with horizontal cotton stripe at lower edge







D28.3 skirt

D28.3 skirt

Brown/purple/blue stripe linsey-wolsey; weft stripe hanging vertically.

Warp: brown linen;

weft: wool and cotton, stripe repeat: 2 purple, 2 blue, 2 purple, 6 brown.




D32.5 skirt

D32.5 skirt

Weft-face striped linsey-wolsey.

Warp: blue linen;

weft: wool and cotton, stripe repeat pattern: 5 navy, 3 red wool, 3 blue wool, 6 white cotton, 3 blue wool, 3 red wool, 5 navy wool.




D33.4 skirt

D33.4 skirt

Mixed fibre flannel, fairly dense plain weave with a weft stripe – linsey-wolsey

Warp: blue cotton;

weft: wool, repeat – 160 navy, 10 red, 6 navy, 10 red, 6 navy, 10 red, 6 navy, 10 red.



D36 skirt

D36.5 skirt front 

Plain woven flannel with raised surface







D37 skirt

D37.6 skirt front

Plain woven fabric with wide weft stripes including the use of a fancy yarn and yellow weft face stripes made by weaving with double ends at each binding point.

warp: brown cotton

weft: cotton, repeat – 72 blue/green 2 yellow, 16 purple, 2 yellow, 6 green, 2 light brown, 2 green, 4 l brown, 2 d brown, 4 l brown, 4 d brown, 4 l brown, 2 d brown, 4 l brown, 2 green, 2 l brown, 6 green, 2 yellow, 16 purple, 20 yellow