Welsh costume doll underskirts

Adult underskirts would rarely have been seen, except the bottom edge might have been visible under the skirt, but they were often of bright striped fabrics. Having two layers of thick woollen fabric on a doll might have been impractical and often the doll’s underskirts are lighter fabrics, both in colour and weight. 

D3.6 underskirt

D3.6 Underskirt 1 Fabric 1 D3.6 Underskirt 1 Fabric 1 detail

Warp-striped flannel of balanced weave of wool warp and weft.

D6.6 underskirt

D6.6 Underskirt, Chemise

Plain woven cotton fabric.

Warp and weft: undyed cotton





D7.6 underskirt

D7.6 Underskirt 1 back

Blue and white striped fabric.

warp: blue and white cotton

weft: white cotton






D8.7 Underskirt waistband

Cream flannel.







D9.7 Underskirt back

Printed cotton







D11.8 underskirt

D11.8 Underskirt Fabric 1

Weft-striped flannel / linsey-wolsey, banded. Warp: white cotton; weft: blue and red wool, white cotton.





D14.5 underskirt

D14.5 underskirt D14.5 underskirt

Warp stripe wool flannel. warp : cotton, repeat: 2 red, 2 white, 2 black, 2 white; weft: white wool


D18.5 underskirt 1

Plain woven cotton fabric.






D19.5 underskirt

D19.5 underskirt

White wool flannel with a purple warp stripe






D20.7 underskirt 1

D20.7 underskirt 1

Striped linsey-wolsey

warp: brown, red, yellow, white cotton. Some warp threads are two-tone ply e.g. red plied with white. This creates a blurred effect to the stripe.

weft: white wool.




D20.8 underskirt 2

D20.8 underskirt 2

white flannel with red feather stitch






D22.6 underskirt

D22.6 underskirt


Black & white warp stripe wool flannel






D27.5 underskirt

D27.5 underskirt

Brushed white cotton







D28.4 underskirt

D28.4 underskirt 1

Red wool linsey-wolsey. Warp: white cotton; weft: red wool






D29.3 underskirt

D29.3 underskirt 1

Houndstooth check of red and blue cotton warp and weft







D29.4 underskirt

D29.4 underskirt 2

Plain woven undyed cotton







D34.4 underskirt

D34.4 underskirt

Plain woven undyed muslin







D35.4 underskirt

D35.4 underskirt 2

Plain woven flannel of pale green warp and weft







D37.7 underskirt

D37.7 underskirt 1 reverse

Twill weave wool with a raised surface and warp stripe used in a horizontal direction.