Welsh costume doll underwear

Drawers and chemise

Surviving 19th century women’s underwear is rare, and often only pristine and exceptional examples survive. Illustrations rarely show underwear unless the women are doing work in hot conditions where the wearing of outer garments is unnecessary. One of the very few examples of this is by J.C. Ibbetson, 1792, of women washing by Llanrwst bridge, where they have loosened their gowns to expose the top of light-coloured V-necked undergarments, probably a chemise or shift.

Several types of underclothes are found on Welsh costume dolls, but since it was not possible to undress the dolls, the details were not always visible. In addition, the underclothes worn by dolls might not be like those worn by the women who wore Welsh costume.

D10.12 drawers, back

D10.12 Drawers back

Pair of drawers of white cotton, gathered and secured to just below knee







D19.6 drawers

D19.6 drawers

Drawers of white cotton made as two separate legs, each leg is made in one piece with a casing at the top through which is threaded a cotton tape. The crotch is left open with the edges turned to the right side. The hems are turned.




D36.7 drawers

D36.7 drawers

Wide drawers of undyed linen, made in 2 pieces with seams on inside leg and and the CF and CB of the upper part. There is a slit 3cm down from the waist which is made into a casing to thread a tape through for fastening, it is tied at back with single bow.






D12.9 chemise

d12.5 chemise

Bleached white cotton short-sleeved shift-style chemise made in two pieces, front and back. Boat neck.







D21.9 Chemise

D21.9 chemise (top)

Long chemise of white cotton with integral short sleeves, cut from two pieces of cloth, seamed at sides. Short CF opening, gathered neck with cord, lace finishing on sleeves and around neck.






D24.3 chemise

D24.3 chemise D24.3 chemise

The chemise is not a finished garment but a scrap of cloth which has been arranged and pinned on the doll to resemble a chemise. Cotton muslin with lace trim at lower edge.

D32.7 chemise

D32.7 chemise

Chemise of undyed cotton made from two pieces with seams on both sides and turned hem. Bodice consists of flaps of fabric that lie loosely against chest and back and very short sleeves; the lower ends of the slits between the ‘flaps’ and the sleeves are reinforced with buttonhole stitches using white thread.



D35.5 chemise?

D35.5 fabric 1

Chemise of undyed cotton made in two pieces with seams at the sides. The bodice is cut low to match the dress bodice and has straps over the shoulders. The edges are turned and finished.




D37.9 chemise

D37.9 chemise a

Full length chemise of white cotton made in one piece with seams under the arms and down the sides. There is a high neckline and short sleeves, each trimmed with lace. There is a slit cut in the CB from the neck down and the edges are fastened with a thread at the back of the neck. The hem is turned but not finished. All stitching is done by machine.



D38.8 chemise

D38.8 chemise

Knee length cotton chemise cut in two square pieces, round neck and armholes finished with lace. Machine stitched.  Made of same cotton as pocket lining and petticoat waistband