Welsh costume dolls, presentations

Many members of the English Royal family were presented with dolls in Welsh costume.


The youngest daughter of Mr Phillips of the Hand Inn, Llangollen presented Princess Victoria with a Welsh doll in true Cambrian costume. (Cambrian (newspaper) 25.8.1832) Doll project number 26


Princess Alexandra (wedding present) Mrs Levy, Gower Street, Swansea sent a doll in Welsh costume. The gift was not accepted as was usual. (Cambrian (Newspaper), 8.5.1863)


A wax doll dressed in Welsh costume was sent to the infant Princess, Princess Margaret (born 15.1.1882), daughter of Prince Arthur, 3rd son of Queen Victoria and the Duchess of Connaught). It was sent by Miss Frances Catherine Evans, Dolgellau. (The editor, Bye-gones: Relating to Wales and the Border Counties, April, 1882, p. 42)

Among the incidents of St David’s Day are included a gift to the infant daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Connaught of a large wax doll dressed in real Welsh costume from materials made to order by Mr John Meyrick Jones of Dolgelly. (Birmingham Daily Post, March 4, 1882)

The doll presented to the Duke and Duchess of Connaught was given by Miss Frances Evans of Dolgelly.
(North Wales Chronicle (Bangor, Wales), March 25, 1882)


Llangollen. A doll, dressed in Welsh costume was presented to Princess Victoria of Battenberg (presumably the two year-old daughter of Prince Henry) by Lady Martin on behalf of Mrs Owens of Llangollen. (The Times, Tuesday August 27th, 1889, page 8;  North Wales Chronicle 31.8.1889)


The Queen of Roumania [sic] accepted from the hands of Miss Carrie Farrington, the daughter of the Conwy borough surveyor, a large doll dressed in Welsh costume and carrying a basket bearing the Roumanian colours.  (Liverpool Mercury,  September 12, 1890; Western Mail, September 12, 1890; The Pall Mall Gazette, September 13, 1890)


Two young children of the Prince and Princess of Battenburg who had been staying a few days at Bangor, paid a visit to Llandudno. Welsh doll given to Price George and Princess Louis. (North Wales Chronicle, April 28, 1894)

1894 11th July

Before leaving Caernarfon castle, the Princess of Wales was presented with a doll dressed in Welsh costume this being an invariable presentation on the occasion of Royal visits. (North Wales Chronicle, 14.7.1894)


This afternoon the Royal party [Duke and Duchess of York] will visit Caernarfon where the Mayor’s little daughters, Miss Olga and Enid Parry will present her Royal Highness with a doll dressed in Welsh National Costume for the Princess Victoria Alexandra’s second birthday. (Liverpool Mercury, April 25, 1899)

Mrs Watkins, the wife of the caretaker of Caernarfon Castle gave Duchess of York a Welsh doll. (Liverpool Mercury, April 26, 1899; North Wales Chronicle, April 29, 1899)

At Caernarfon castle, Mrs Watkins, the caretaker’s wife … has had the pleasure of presenting seven dolls to Royalty before including some to the Duchess of Edinburgh, the Duchess of Fife, the Queen of Romania, presented the Duchess of York with another in Welsh costume. (Liverpool Mercury,April 26, 1899)


According to the donor of a doll in Tenby Museum (Doll project number D3), a miniature version of the doll was presented to Lloyd George and another was sent to Buckingham Palace. They were made by Mrs Betsy Watkins, Caretaker of Caernarfon Castle at the time of the Investiture of the Prince of Wales, 1911.