Ellen Lloyd


Ellen Lloyd is said to have lived at Llanrwst or Betws y Coed. She was the subject of several photographs, dressed in Welsh costume.

She is probably wearing a short-tailed printed bedgown.

She is holding carding combs (for aligning wool fibres in the same direction before spinning). Next to her is a large spinning wheel. Both had probably gone out of use by the time this photograph was taken and were brought out for photographs.




Ellen Lloyd posing for a ‘Welsh tea party’, published in 222 Views of North Wales, (n0t dated), Valentine and Sons Ltd, 28 High Street, Birmingham.

She appears to be wearing a V-neck printed cotton bedgown.

Another version of this photographs is entitled ‘Old Ellen Lloyd at Bettws y Coed’





Postcard, ‘Old Welsh Costume, (Old Ellen Lloyd at Bettws-y-Coed)’, published by : R.B.Ld. London (Ceredigion Museum 2006.95.1)












Postcard, ‘Bettws y Coed, Late Ellen Lloyd in Welsh costume 45192’.






Similar photograph to the one above, but with a woman in the background. Photographed by Slater of Llandudno. Published in 120 Views of Aberystwyth, 1900-1910. (Ceredigion Museum, AYZ101)








Coloured postcard of Ellen Lloyd, published by Photochrom Co. Ltd., Celesque Series, no. C45192,  1935 (postmark) (Ceredigion Museum, 2006.106.2)








Ellen Lloyd on the cover of  222 Views of North Wales, (n0t dated), Valentine and Sons Ltd, 28 High Street, Birmingham.








One of the hats in the National History Museum, St Fagan’s is said to be hers. This is a relatively low, almost cylindrical shaped hat of north Wales type.






The prize for an Englyn was invested by Miss Ellen Lloyd, an old lady dressed in the orthodox Welsh costume.
North Wales Chronicle (Bangor, Wales), August 3, 1878
The successful competitor of the best Englyn,  Emlyn Fardd, who was represented by Mr David Hughes, who was invested, amid roars of laughter, by an old woman dressed in real Welsh costume. Considerable amusement prevailed in the competition on the best “Mode of Spinning wool,” and the prizes were awarded first, to Ellen Jones, aged 79 years; second, Jane Jervis, 78 ½ years; third, Ellen Evans, and Ellen Lloyd. [This last competitor may be the Elen Lloyd photographed above.]
North Wales Express, 2.8.1878